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Lotus Cars Limited is a British automotive company headquartered in Hethel, Norfolk that manufactures sports cars and racing cars noted for their light weight and fine handling characteristics.Lotus was previously involved in Formula One racing, via Team Lotus, winning the Formula One World Championship seven times.

Andrew shared his experience driving the car, "The Lotus Elise roadster has a rather poor build quality and is quite unreliable."


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Former Freelancer - Assistant Marketing Manager says

"Parking was scare because in the city"

Current Employee - Carpenter/Joiner says

"People movements from diff positions"

Current Employee - Corporate Staff - Manager says

"Shift timings, transport problem, less no of leaves"

Sales says

"organization, salary, communication, benefits, employee morale"

Warehouse worker (Former Employee) says

"promised me job security and full time but then went bankrupt 12 days after hire"

Package Handler (Former Employee) says

"stretch before you begin to package merchandise for amazon. Prepared merchandise for shipping & packaging Accurately completed orders for Amazon distribution Stack and loaded pallets with merchandise Efficiently met daily and weekly team goals"

Infirmière (Former Employee) says

"Il faut deux ans encdd avant d espérer un cdi et pas certain... Travail 6a10 extrêmement repetitif😥 Si il n y a pas de voiture disponible il faut prendre la sienne Collègues agréables"

3) says

"worst place I have ever worked for. they say you will make soooo much money when really you are working on full commission standing in the middle of a Walmart selling Direct TV. such a scam!"

Financial Consultant (Former Employee) says

"the job was boring and i would not recommend it as i did nothing but paper work all day. i wish i did not go because it was a waste of time"

Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"very stressful, lack of discipline. Influenced into un safe working assignments. Poor sense of direction. Lack of communications, no sense of urgency of customers."

aseador (Former Employee) says

"no sabría muy bien como evaluarlo, pero lo que si sé es que era un problema que te pagaran los domingos.no tenia seguro medicoel descanso es en la hora de almuerzo"

Cook (Former Employee) says

"The places Is similar to a concentration camp for slaves. Management is almost not present and always disorganized . Holiday specials aren't communicated until the last minute. And Brown nosing is rewarded over hard work"

Lotus People (Current Employee) says

"We work on long hours but our wages are not enough... It's like we bringing out the good outcome,I mean the products we produce is coming out But the wages we 're receiving..it's like a rope on our neck dragging us all over....anyway we have fun we did enjoyed our work .we've managed to keep the job roll...and yeah we keep the job to support our own family.Free lunchesof course long hours"

Frying Assistant (Former Employee) says

"That is not easy. Low wage and 6 days work. If you don not need the money fast. You should not work here. It is a lot of work and not enough payment."

National Sales Manager (Former Employee) says

"CEO & overall management was not totally acceptable, Nothing as added value in the last year of working due to super traditional behaviors of the last CEO"

Opératrice de production (Former Employee) says

"Travail ennuyant peu de poste réactif évolution minime"

Assembler/Packager T.V (Former Employee) says

"Everyday you recieve your location and what site loading pallets, and designated to the right location.I learned how to interact with others on good days and bad day.Management was a great team of people.Co-workers had different personality so i adjusted to all with my great personality we all connected.The hardest part of the job is departing for another better opportunity.Friends/ Collegues is the most enjoyable events at LOTUS.n/an/a"

Assembly Line Worker (Former Employee) says

"The company did offer good benefits with medical and dental. I took the dental insurance for 2 years and I enjoyed it I had to chance to do cleaning and other work."

Accountnt (Former Employee) says

"I want to work as accountant where my skills could utilized to the best & give me good opportunity to in growth of company & myself.free luncheslong hours"

Lotus (Former Employee) says


production pharmacist (Former Employee) says

"learned a lot about managing a warehouse for chemicals. the difficult part of my job to arrange raw materials. the most enjoyable part is maintaining the records. training the person"

Porteiro (Former Employee) says

"uma empresa de media qualidade que precisa rever a sua administração de empresapaga bem não deicha atrasanão valoriza os seus fucionarios e as vezes não respeita os mesmos"

Front of House Server (Former Employee) says

"Typically I went into work and just made sure everything was stocked and made sure that all the customers were attended to. I tried and increase customer satisfaction and deliver the food as fast as possible. At the end of the day, I would mop the restaurant and close the shop."

security officer (Former Employee) says

"It was not really fun for me working at Lotus as at that time but i just had to get something going for me, so i worked for a bout a year befor i relocated.nonenone"

Wendy S says

"NEVER NEVER NEVER My Husband was just offered a Job with IBM. He WAS on full spectrum CBD for a multitude of health issues. In the drug test he rang the bell for Marijuana. Without much further action or allowing for explanation. The job offer was withdrawn. Please see the link below & EDUCATE yourself on Full spectrum V Isolate. Not everybody that rings the bell is a pothead. It doesn't help that the head hunter is out of NJ / India making communication a PAIN in the Backside! I guess his Dr is going to have to prescribe a bunch of other medications now that the symptoms and problems will most likely return. I wonder how spaced out he would be on prescriptions but at least then if he rings the bell it'll be legitimized. YES he was taking full spectrum CBD with the consent and knowledge of his Dr. Full Spectrum CBD has been found to be more beneficial over a wide spectrum of health issues as well as more effective than Isolate. Full Spectrum CBD has only TRACE AMOUNTS of THC. THC is the only part that makes you high. The amount in Full spectrum is nowhere near what the body would need to get high. To put this in perspective for you, if I tried to transport weed across state lines, I would wind up arrested and convicted of a drug charge. Please keep in mind that some drug charges keep you from ever getting a gun license. I could load my car from floorboard to roof liner with CBD and drive from LA to Hartford and nothing would be done! CBD is LEGAL but rings the bell in the drug test. This is a direct statement from the manufacturers web site Hemp oil may naturally contain trace amounts of psychoactive ingredients, as they are innate to the plant in trace levels. We third party test all of our finished products to ensure that they fall below the federal threshold set for psychoactive ingredient composition. We use a full-spectrum extract from hemp that keeps all of the phytonutrients in-tact to ensure users benefit from what's called the "entourage effect" of all of the compounds working in harmony, as nature designed them to be. Similar to how consuming too many poppy seeds may result in a positive test for opiates, consuming certain hemp-derived products may also lead to a positive test result for THC. As the chemistry and breakdown of compounds in hemp is still being researched, there is a possibility that the bodily conversion of these compounds and the possibility of trace, but legal amounts of THC inherent in hemp products, could cause a positive test result. So based on that statement they would have considered him a drug addict for having a poppy seed bagel for breakfast. One other tidbit of information.. The Head hunter HQ phone number listed online from THEIR web site is not in service..Makes me wonder. Look up Full spectrum CBD V Isolate Then look for a link in videos to Way of leaf! I apparently can't post the direct link If IBM wants to reconsider my husband after properly educating themselves, we will possibly entertain the offer with the knowledge he was treated in a very discriminatory manner over this issue."

Kaia says

"I was hoping to clarify the purchase process for the IBM SPSS Statistics software, because it required us to enter company details (GST code), and I could not purchase a copy as a student or someone working in academia. I contacted them via a online chat service but no one was online at 930am despite their online hours starting from 9am, and I even called the local hotlines, to realise that all their numbers stated were invalid. I contacted them through the online form to the sales team, with a statement from the form guaranteeing a reply within a working day. I also waited for a reply from the online chat bot, but I had no response from both. Finally, I managed to get hold of an online representative the next day at around 10.30am through the chat bot, who then informed me that I had to purchase with one of their partners. I asked to clarify about the possibility of purchasing a corporate copy because I understood that their partners offer student and academia editions of the SPSS Statistics software. He interrupted me halfway through my question and insisted I give him my email address so that he could connect me with the partners. After I did, he sent it to the wrong email address, and I had to ask once again whether he had sent the email. He then told me that my email address is invalid, and I realised that he had entered the wrong email address. I am very disappointed with such customer service, especially since IBM is supposed to be a professional company with years of experience. I hope that they can at least make a clarification or a note on their webpage to inform customers that they cannot be contacted at certain hours, and through their hotlines."

Sapbo says

"Hello, It's one of the unprofessional, unethical IT company I worked for a few months and I strongly recommend staying away from this company as I had a very bad experience. Cheers Sri"

T Olsen says

"May 2020: IBM Denmark, GTS - you owe me a substantial amount of money for services rendered and more. I’ve tried to reach out to internal contacts including local leadership in Denmark (GTS GM, Delivery Director, HR in Denmark and Nordic, CGM Denmark) as well as Ginny (FB) - and I’ve contacted local police in Denmark. I’ve taken initial steps to ensure legal support. Giving me the silent treatment will not make me go away........ 1. ‘Social dumping’ describes my IBM compensation 2. Mafia methods describes the corporate actions applied in an attempt to make me accept an low status/low skill/No future position within IBM rather than the career that I’m persuing 3. Harassment describes the damages done to e.g. my career, my health, my cars - and my home 3.1 ‘One’ describes the number of bathrooms in my apartment that has been wrecked by IBM 3.2 ‘One’ describes the number of balconies wrecked by IBM 3.3 ‘Two’ describes the number of my cars that have been severely damaged by IBM 3.4 ‘Two’ describes the number of bedrooms in my appartment where the original 1930’ies wooden floors have been deliberately damaged 3.4 ‘Substantial’ describes the number of fraudulent invoices submitted to me to steal money 3.5 Fraud describes the incorrect invoices from my ISP and the Facility Service company handling my appartment building 3.6 IT hacking describes attacks made to my personal mobile and MacPro 3.7 ‘Low life disloyal liars’ describe the people that have been instrumental in the execution of the IBM harassment 3.8 Manipulation describes the proces used to severely damage my health 3.9 ‘1.5 years’ describes the time it took for my brain to recover to a level where I was able to once again read and understand complex text 3.10 ‘Cock’ is a word used in an open IBM office space on Proevensvej 1, Broendby, Denmark with several bystanders present in a company that claims to value diversity, equal gender rights and having ‘zero tolerance culture’ in regards to harassment 3.11 ‘Numerous’ describes the number of fake calls that I have received - including today (29.05.2020) where a woman claimed to call from the government Ombudsmand, one of more places where I have submitted complaints of IBM Denmark and the people involved in the execution of the harassment 3.12 ‘12.600 DKK’ is the amount still pending IBM reimboursement following a business travel to France in April 2014 - all expenses have been submitted according to internal IBM guidelines 3.13 ‘7.600 DKK’ is the amount still pending IBM reimboursement following the illegal removal of the plates of my car, summer 2016 - yet another harassment item 4. Master degree / highly skilled/ Senior Leader / sustainable high performer of 15+ years describes my market offerings 5. Gap - describes the difference between IBM image, Business Conduct Guidelines - and the actual daily employee handling 6. ‘Lists’ describes the preparation of a detailed list of harassment contributors as well as their individuel activities 7. ‘Diary’ describes the documentation prepared by me to facilitate an extremely generous settlement agreement 8. 57 million dollars describes a recent US harassment settlement - #MeToo has improved female attention towards harassment in general 9. 200 describes the number of male leaders that have been forced to leave their position as a consequence of #MeToo (source: US online articles) 10. Persistance and perseverance .... well, do the math I’ll be more than happy to continue to share details of the IBM Denmark, GTS conduct on this and other public platforms...... Call me - GTS Denmark execs know whom to contact...... key words: Nordic and PM and Delivey Excellence This could have been resolved a long time ago. Looking forward to hearing from you."

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